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Our Partners

Networking Partners

Swiss Association of Sport Managers

The Swiss Association of Sport Managers represents members from national and international sport entities, such as the IOC, national and international sport organisations, sport clubs and businesses, and sport management academia in Switzerland. The main activities of ASMS are:

  • Annual implementation of education programmes for Swiss sport managers
  • Seminars and symposia on various areas, e.g. sports and TV, sports and marketing, sports and internet
  • Consulting for sports organisations
  • Networking within the field of sport management at national and international level

We are looking forward to our partnership with ASMS and welcome all ASMS members to the EASM Conference 2017. For more information, please visit the ASMS website (German/French).



ISPO is the world's leading sports business network and acts as a partner to the sports industry. The ISPO family of brands includes the largest multi-segment trade fairs for sports business professionals in the world, encompassing ISPO MUNICH, ISPO BEIJING, and ISPO SHANGHAI, the ISPO.COM online news portal, and the ISPO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. These include amongst others ISPO ACADEMY, ISPO OPEN INNOVATION and ISPO JOB MARKET. ISPO ACADEMY offers sports business professionals a wide range of information and insights on the latest developments in the sporting goods industry worldwide. Numerous lectures during the ISPO trade fairs, independent ISPO ACADEMY conferences in various countries with relevant focus topics, and a comprehensive online range of studies, articles, lectures and seminars provide market participants with valuable opportunities to develop and stay competitive in today’s market.

Academic Partners

Swiss National Science Foundation

Mandated by the federal government, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) supports basic science in all academic disciplines, from history to medicine and the engineering sciences. The SNSF is Switzerland’s foremost research funding organisation and finances over 3,200 projects involving 14,800 researchers each year.

In close collaboration with higher education institutions and other partners, the SNSF strives to create optimal conditions for the development and international integration of Swiss research. It pays particular attention to the promotion of young researchers. In addition, it accepts evaluation mandates to ensure that large Swiss research initiatives funded by third parties deliver the highest scientific quality.

Routledge - Taylor & Francis Group

Taylor & Francis is one of the world's leading academic publishers, and drawing on expertise developed since 1798, is dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly information. Taylor & Francis publishes 2,500 scholarly journals, including European Sport Management Quarterly, the official journal of the European Association for Sport Management, and publishes 1,000 books on sport for teaching, research and reference, available in both print and online formats.

Local Partners

Bern Incoming

Bern Incoming GmbH is a subsidiary of Bern Tourism and supports organisations in planning and organising meetings and group events in Bern.


Bern Tourism

Bern Tourism is the marketing organisation for tourism in Bern: a service-oriented, competent market leader. Their partners include various cultural, sport and public organisations and institutions relevant to tourism.

Bern Tourism is a member of the "Touristischen Kooperation der Unesco Welterben Schweiz" (Tourist Cooperation of Unesco World Heritage Sites, Switzerland).

It employs about 80 employees (full- and part-time) in the fields of city tours, guest care and relations, marketing and public relations and training manager.

Further, Bern Tourism is a non-political, non-denominational body with about 600 members from the fields of catering, culture, and service providers as well as private individuals.


Burgergemeinde Bern

The Burgergemeinde Bern is an officially recognised body of persons with 17,676 members from 13 associations and guilds as well as Burger without affiliation to any guild.

The Burgergemeinde unites values like tradition and continuity with the challenges of the future. Serving the general public, the Burgergemeinde promotes the cultural, social and academic life in the city of Bern.

Our Partners: